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I recently sent an email for research in which I was doing for media, however I have read your questions and answers over again and I am pleased to see that answers are sometimes are right ahead of you, you just have to open your eyes.

However, one answer I struggle to see is with my family situation. My family is Turkish Muslim, and within tradition women are typically the home makers and don’t have much say, especially when involving fathers. I am very much all for equality and when ever I express this to my father he just gets angered.

How can I continue my feminist beliefs and yet follow tradition, because I certainly don’t know.

Thank you,

Distressed Teen


Dear Distressed Teen,

I'm glad that you found the research you were looking for. In terms of how to negotiate your family situation, there are certainly other people who have been in your situation -- there are several outspoken Muslim feminists -- Irshad Manji, Nawal El Sadawi, Laila Abu Saif, etc... and all have written books on this topic. If your not up for reading a book, I would just say that you "do" without "saying." I think the verbalization of equality is much more threatening than the reality of it. Plus, as your father, he is going to want what is best for you and that will be equality. So I would pursue your passions and see if that makes him more open to it.

I hope that helps,

-- Amy

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