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To whom ever it may concern,

I am an A'level art student studying in Botswana, Africa. A part of my course is to write an essay on a topic of my concern. I have chosen to write on feminism in art. I am having great difficulty finding any infomation.

It would be greatly appreciated for any infomation that you could make me aware of or that you could send me. I am looking for infomation on Artisits themselves, any critisicims, feminist opinions on certain art pieces. I would like to have infomation from the different art periods so as I could see if the role of females in art has changed and if the portrail of them has changed through the periods.

Thank you,



Dear Leanne,

There is actually an exhibit in New York City right now on the history of feminist art in the United States. I'm not sure if you are looking for global or local resources. The exhibit is at the White Columns Gallery


I think and thus they should have information for you. Also AIR is New York City's oldest feminist gallery space and they might have information for you. Other places to try are -- The Walker Art Center and the Brooklyn Museum of Art -- both have comprehensive information on contemporary artists, including some feminists.

Also in nearby Zimbabwe I know there is Cold Comfort Farm, which actually have a long standing tradition of progressive artists, including some explicitly feminist artists.




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