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I am Shaleeza from Guyana, South America.I am a doctor who has graduated from Medical School in my country Guyana.There is only one institution here that conducts the internship programme for doctors after graduating from university.I have an MBBS-bachelor of medicine bachelor of surgery degree but I have been refused a place at the only institution in my country that does internship training.

I have been discriminated against because I took an ethical stand on issues always and because I asserted my rights as an indian woman in my country.This was always to the dismay of the doctors in the medical school, the majority of whom had political power.Thus, they have blocked my internship which is a necessity for me to move on in my career.Despite the fact that I am registered as an intern by the medical council in my country,I have been unlawfully been denied my rights as a woman, as a doctor and as a citizen.

It has been almost 2 years since im unemployed.I now face the possibility of having to put myself through university again in another country because I will once again encounter discrimination in the university since it is under strong political control from the same persons who denied me employment.I have no funds, becase I'm unemployed since graduating, to actually put my self through university again.

I am totally frustrated but I'm fighting everyday looking into all posibilites to continue my life. I have even sent complaints to the human rights watch dog groups.No one has replied.I will not give up , I will die fighting if I have to because I have studied 7 days a week for long hours each day to get through med school. It was and still is my dream to be a doctor. Can you help me find a place to do an internship. If not , how do I access a scholarship to attend another university out of Guyana to pursue another degree.

Thanks and kind regards,




Dear Shaleeza,

In reading your note, I can (rightfully) sense the frustration in your voice. Unfortunately, I really know nothing about Guyana and therefore, don't think that I can provide a valid response.

Have you tried reaching out to organizations like the Peace Corps, The Red Cross, Save The Children, Doctors Without Borders and Doctors for the World -- all are social justice organizations that work around the world. Perhaps they will know of a doctor who can help you with your internship. As for pursuing other funding options -- again, perhaps the sources named above can help -- or try The Foundation Center -- an organization based in New York City and elsewhere that can help you with all types of funding, some of which you will hopefully qualify for.

I hope those suggestions lead you to something. Good luck




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