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Dear Amy,

Is there somewhere I can access a list of all the major laws affecting women (both favorably and discriminatory) for the last two hundred years, in Europe (the UK especially)? I need to reference them within a time frame, but don't need loads of legal detail. Any help would be very much appreciated.



Unfortunately, I can't imagine that there is a way to look at the all of the laws over the past 200 years that have impacted women. That would essentially be every law passed over the past 200 years. Even if women aren't explicitly mentioned, the absence alone affects women. In relationship to the Beijing U.N. Conference on Women, Equality Now, a U.S. based international human rights group, published a resource, "Words and Deeds". It looked at all of the laws that governments could pass in order to honor their commitment to the Beijing document -- and encouraged different governments to do so. Perhaps you will find some recent laws in this document.

Good luck,

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