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I'm an undergrad at the University of Western Ontario (Canada). I’m currently in my last year completing an Honors Specialization in Women’s Studies, and I'm wondering you could help me out.

I'm traveling to Manchester and London with my family at the end of the month and would love to conduct some 'feminist research' while I'm there. I'm taking a ‘Globalizing Feminism' course right now, and our final assignment is pretty open-ended. I understand that one of the goals of your website (which I love by the way!) is to help connect feminists worldwide, so I would appreciate any connections you could arrange. I'm hoping to meet some feminists in England and negotiate a dialogue, which would help explain our differing, or similar, feminist subjectivities.

I am just beginning my research on Feminism in England, but any direction you could point me in would real help a lot,

Thanks for any help you could provide,





Thanks for reaching out and your trip sounds great. I don't have tons of resources in London. There is a great website, http://www.thefword.org.uk, which seems to be for younger feminists in the UK. I would start there. Most of the other groups I know in the UK tend to be more Human Rights based.

Good luck and have a great trip

-- Amy