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I was recently told by a female collage student and a self described Feminist that FGM (female genital mutilation) or clitoridectomy, as it is sometimes called is considered academically as a cultural preference and is no longer considered by feminists in the know as an issue.

I would like to know your reaction to FGM, is it a concern or not to feminists?



I think that FGM -- like many other things -- doesn't have an easy solution.

Currently, the most ideal solution would be the elimination of the procedure. However, there is resistance to that both for anti-woman reasons, i.e. keeping women in place, but there are also women advocating for the continuation, mostly because they don't want their daughters to be devalued in society. That's the problem -- they don't want to except themselves because of the cultural implications. It's not unlike SAT preparatory classes -- we take them in order to be compete -- though the ideal situation would be to deny anyone this advantage from the get go.

I hope that makes sense,

-- Amy