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I am an orphan girl in Ghana,West Africa and I have struggled to finish high school.

God has eventually blessed me with an admission offer to pursue my undergraduate education at Virginia State University. However,when I went for my visa at the U.S embassy in Ghana, a consular told me that because I just got married she will not issue me a visa to go to school, so I should stay home with my husband.

Even my husband supports my education and besides I have been working on this school plans way before I married my husband. I don't understand why the consular should treat me this way.

Please what can your organization do about this.

Thank you.




Eva --

I think the information you have been given has to be wrong. I can't believe that these would be grounds for denying someone a visa. I have forwarded your note to a friend of mine who has spent lots of time in Ghana with the hope that she has better insight into this.

One thought is simply to go back to the embassy and request another visa and another person to meet with. This can't be everyone's bias. Or perhaps bring your husband with you.

You might also get the school involved and see if they have any suggestions. I hope that you can find a way around this. It is unbelievable and thus should be circumventable, at least I hope so. I will let you know if my friend has any suggestions.

Good luck,

-- Amy