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Hi. I'm a psychologist MA. I'm Iranian. I hope you have not any prejudice toward me. I'm interested in feminism, in all forms of it, especially philosophy and psychology. My thesis is about the relationship between types of religiosity and sexism. I need some paper about my thesis. I have some, but unfortunately in Iran we have no authentic and professional literature about that. So I need your help and guidance if you can.


I was shocked that you would think that I would have a prejudice against you. Absolutely not — but I am concerned that might be a shared fear among other Iranian women or a fear that Americans have shared view and that's absolutely not the case.

In any event, I think one of the best resources for you might be Karen Armstrong — who has written extensively on this topic. In New York City, there is also the Auburn Theological Seminary, devoted to women and religion and they are likely to have sources for you. And like them, there is The Sister Fund, which funds groups working around women and religion/spirituality. There are also groups such as Catholics for a Free Choice, which have done a great job of reinterpreting religions from a feminist perspective. I think there is a big movement in the United States right now — that is trying to reclaim religion from it's more extreme stranglehold.

I hope those resources lead you in the right direction.