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Hi There,

I would be grateful if you could help. Am writing a paper for my sociological degree, the question is: Can Feminism be genuinely multi cultural, and should it attempt to be so????

Well as I am undertaking a course in Australia I think this is directly referring to the struggle of the indigenous women. My initial response is yes it can be multi cultural as there are so many facets to feminism, however I am sure about the about the attempting to be so.....

Any direction would be of a great help.


I actually think that feminism is multi-cultural, so it's not so much a matter of can it be, but is it?

I think that the problem is that it is easier to measure feminisms gains by how well women have acclimated or assimilated themselves into a white male world. However, when you use that narrow of a lens, you predominately see the results of how well white middle class straight women have faired.

I think that we have to think broader than that and also look beyond those associations that label themselves feminist, and instead look to how organic feminism has become to people's lives.

I hope that helps.

-- Amy

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