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Welcome to Ask Amy! Since Feminist.com's inception, we have tried to be a space for feminists—men and women—to strategize about problems and create solutions; share information and build a lasting community. With this in mind and in response to the many questions we get on a range of feminists issues, we have created "Ask Amy."

While Amy is a real person, the name is also a symbol of all of us behind Feminist.com—and you, too, if you have answers or solutions you want to share. This doesn't promise to be the Ann Landers of the Internet, but hopefully it can answer some questions, stir some ideas, create dialogues and be an impetus for action.

And in the world of "Ask Amy" you must remember that there are no stupid questions—and never assume that "you are the only one." We hope this is only the beginning. Thanks for your support and feel free to E-mail us (due to the high volume of mail we receive, we cannot guarantee a response to all inquiries; please specify if you don't want your letter posted here).

We have organized the letters into categories to make it easier for you, but feel free to ask a question about anything—that's what we have the "Miscellaneous" category for!

Note: Though questions arrive daily, and answers are offered relatively quickly, it can take us some time to post the exchanges.

Most Asked Questions
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Check out Amy's book: Opting In: Having a Child Without Losing Yourself (read an excerpt)

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