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I am trying to find the best source of real info for hormone replacement therapy and its link or non-link to cancers (plural). Thanks for the info!

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM. To find "real info" on hormone replacement therapy and it's possible links to cancer--I suggest you reference some of the following resources:

1.) The Boston Women's Health Book Collective--the creators of Our Bodies Ourselves and Ourselves Growing Older (see the FEMINIST.COM Bookstore under "Health").

2.) Books by Penny Budoff, including--No More Hot Flashes.

Also, I read in Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book: "The question I'm asked more often than any other in my practice is, "What effects will taking postmenopausal hormones have on my risk of breast cancer?" It's a question I hate getting, because I simply don't know what to answer." I imagine that this is mostly the response you will get. However, I also know that most women I know who have had cancer--have opted not to take hormone Replacement Therapy.

Sorry that isn't much help. I hope you ask as many people/resources as you can--before making any decision. Good luck--it doesn't sound like you have an easy decision ahead of you.


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