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I'm new to the site and glad I found it. I'm having a problem finding an acupuncturist who specializes in female health issues. I suffer with uterine fibroids and have consulted a mainstream Dr. and a Dr. of Naturopathy. The Dr. of Naturopathy has tried several venues from herbs to cleanses to dietary changes. To no avail. The fibroids are growing slowly but surely. My Dr. suggested that acupuncture might do the trick and suggested also that I read a book on reclaiming the feminine spirit of healing titled "In the House of the Moon." This book is quite inspirational and eye-opening. One of the authors, Jason Elias has treated many female patients with Chinese herbs and acupuncture with very good results. This sounds like the ticket to me! I've tried locating Jason on the net to no avail. I'm just looking for someone who can help me with this problem. I'm not at the point of surgery, but my OB/GYN says from the size of the fibroids, he's surprised I don't have more symptoms. Any help you can give would be appreciated. - Nancy

Thanks for your note and it sounds like finding Jason Elias is the key--have you tried contacting the publisher of "In the House of the Moon"? They should have a contact for him. That should be your first call. Also, check out The New Our Bodies Ourselves and those who publish it: the Boston Women's Health Book Collective (P.O. Box 192, 240A Elm Street, West Somerville, MA 02144; (617) 625-0271; Fax (617) 625-0294). They should have plenty of suggestions. If you let me know where you live I may also know of others...

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