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I'm a student at UC Davis, and I am doing a group project. The question we have to answer is "If you could do anything to change this world, what would you do?" My group and I are working on providing positive feedback on the female body image. Namely, to be proud of who you are and what you look like. Looking like the hottest model is not "ideal". I was wondering if you had any links or literature that I could read to get more information. Thanks - Natalie

Your project idea sounds great. I think that best way for us to change the world in terms of body image is for each individual to change our attitudes about our own body. For instance, if each of us lets our bodies fall into its natural shape -- of course, responding to a diet and an exercise plan that we chose rather than felt like we had to adhere to -- then I bet our entire perception of body image would change -- not to mention that an entire group of supermodels would be out of a job. Also, have you read Ophira Edut's anthology Body Outlaws? It's a collection of essays about body image. She has a website at: www.adiosbarbie.com. Good luck on your project

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