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As a walking disabled woman, I've found that thousands upon thousands of disabled women do not get pelvic exams due to the fact they can't get on the high examining tables. The OB-GYNS often provide ramp access, etc., but then don't know how to get you on the table other than lifting. This is not only humiliating, but dangerous, both for the patient, and for the people lifting. I don't know what forum to address this issue and I'd also like to speak with other women on it also. Can you direct me? I'd appreciate any info you can give me. - Joyce

Dear Joyce - I don't have an easy answer, but I hope the following is a starting point. I am on the allocations committee of the New York Women's Foundation (212-226-2220), which funds projects for women and girls in New York City. One of the projects they funded this year, was to help disabled women get access to breast exams - I don't know if it was solely for mammography's. There are a few clinics in NYC that have the equipment to do this, unfortunately, I don't know the names of the clinics. This group, the Center for the Independence of the Disabled (212-674-2300) also wants to get the word out to disabled women to let them know that they should be examined. It would be a good first call to this group to find out what exactly they are doing and how they are going about it. Also, perhaps linking up with them to make pelvic exams a part of their literature - assuming that the same community could benefit from both, which I assume they can. I hope this helps.

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