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I had my first smear test last week and was told today that I have an abnormal result.. there appear to be mild changes.... My doctor was not too worried and suggested that I had another in 6 months time and then it might have cleared up... however she did tell me that I had HPV Virus and that I would never get rid of this and that this might cause cervical cancer??

I am extremely depressed about this.. and I don't understand.. I have no warts and never have had... EVER... IS this disease serious? How likely am I to get cervical cancer? Will I be able to have children? My doctor was very impatient with me and basically refused to answer any of my questions.... I am totally devastated and await your reply.

Please Help,



Dear C,

The hardest thing about HPV is how little they know about it. A few years ago, I basically experienced exactly what you are experiencing -- as have many of my friends. After two negative pap smears -- they actually found some pre-cancer cells. They removed them and they weren't cancerous. They told me to just keep monitoring them, which I have been doing -- and no return of them. However, they have yet to confirm that I have/had HPV.

I tell you all of this to illustrate that you aren't alone and that you should just keep asking questions. What they do know is that all cases of cervical cancer begin with HPV, but certainly not all cases of HPV lead to cervical cancer. You have to monitor it. As long as you are having irregular cells, keep getting pap smears every 4-6 months. I hope you trust your doctor and trust that they are monitoring it. Take care.

- Amy

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