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My name is Jennifer and I attended Towson University in Maryland. I have to compose a speech on feminists views towards eating disorders within athletes, and I can's find anything on the topic specifically directed towards women in sports. It also seems that no one will take the time for a 5 minute conversation. I know you are busy and I know this is small but it means a lot to me.

Thank you very much for your time and effort,



Dear Jennifer,

There is this great book, All The Pretty Little Girls In Pretty Little Boxes, not exactly good in terms of being a light topic or anything, but good in that it tackles this issue specifically for gymnasts and ice skaters and that genre. This book was actually turned into a made for TV movie starring Swoozy Kurtz -- it was quite good. I think it's hard to make an argument about women athletes and eating disorders, since I don't think that women athletes are any more prone to eating disorders than all women are.

In general, I think that athletes fare better when it comes to eating disorders -- however, the gymnast genre throws that off, thus equalizing it with others. Perhaps the Women's Sports Foundation will have more information.

Good luck

— Amy