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Dear Amy,

I am new to Orlando, Florida, and am trying to find a pro-choice OB/GYN. I called the Planned Parenthood here, and they gave me the name of a practice that was not pro-choice. I am not pregnant and am looking for a long-term health provider, but I feel strongly about this issue and definitely want a PRO-choice provider. Any advice? (I have also e-mailed the Orlando president of NOW, but have not heard anything.) Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Thhat's so disturbing about Planned Parenthood recommend an OB/GYN who isn't pro-choice. They might not know this, so you should certainly let them know, so that they can either follow-up or stop making referrals to the physician. I would try the National Abortion Federation - they are a network of abortion doctors, but most doctors do more than provide abortions. There is also IPAS which is working in this country to make abortion care a part of regular family planning. I hope that helps.

- Amy

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