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My name is Maryanne. I'm writing to you today because I have been really overweight my entire life, but have just recently started binging and purging, and it seems like I'm always hungry.

What I am wondering is if you have an free informational items that you could send me about eating disorders, overeating, and emotional eating as well as body image and healthy eating suggestions. I Have wanted to lose weight my entire life, but have been unsuccessful.

I Would truly appreciate any information that you could send me. I Also have been recently diagnosed with depression



Maryanne --

I don't personally have resources on eating disorders, but can recommend some groups who might. In general, however, I just want to underscore what you have already discovered -- that binging and purging won't bring you to your desired goal. Your body needs sustenance to sustain itself, so your body will reject this process of binging. It's also terrible for you. You should eat more meals less often. Some carrots at 11 am and some cheese at 1 pm and some beans and rice at 3 pm, etc...

Also, you might be forcing your body to conform to something that isn't appropriate. Every body type is different and some people are smaller framed while others are larger framed -- it doesn't work to force your body to conform to something that isn't natural. Those who have lost weight successfully and kept it off, have done so through a combination of fitness and moderation of food and also changing behavior -- walking everywhere or never taking an elevator, drinking water instead of juice. It's really a lifestyle change and you just might realize that you can't do that completely and will find some balance that works for you.

I always think it's worth pointing out that eating disorders are mental health disorders and therefore the issue at hand isn't always weight, but control or some other deeper or more intertwined problem. You should reference the Department of Mental Health for more information on eating disorders. Also, here are some references for you:


Take care,

— Amy