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My names Katie, I am 14 years old and bulimic. I used to want help, but not anymore. One of my counselors asked me if I had an eating disorder and I told her "no," because I really didn't think it was any of her business. When she came and asked me she was kind of smiling and that threw me off because I didn't think it was funny.

None of my friends support me so I had to lie and tell them I stopped. The truth is that yesterday I started throwing up blood.

What should I do?


Katie --

You say you don't care / you don't want help, but you so clearly do, not only given the way the situation has recently escalated (i.e. the blood), but in general.

Perhaps want you mean is that even though you acknowledge it, you still want what it supposedly affords you? Regardless, it's no uncommon that you would be throwing up blood, you are essentially traumatizing your body and that can manifest itself in many ways, including throwing up blood. You really should see a doctor about this -- and keep in mind that this has both short and long term implications -- the short term you are witnessing, but in the long-run you can damage your body, especially an adolescent growing body.

I hope that you can find your way to a doctor, more than a school health person.

Good luck,

— Amy