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Dear Amy,

I am a 20-year-old feminist college student that would like information on becoming a midwife. Are there any specific schools that specialize in it in the U.S., preferably in or near the state of Colorado? A national list would also be helpful if there aren't. Thank you so much!


Jessica --

I actually don't know what are good places for midwives. I actually have a friend who went to midwifery school in CO -- I think it was at Boulder -- and another who went to the Univ. of Pennsylvania. My guess is that comprehensive medical schools would have good midwife programs -- for instance, U. Penn, Dartmouth, NYU.

Also, I know that every state has different laws governing what midwives can do so that might be an indicator of where good schools are. There is something called Midwives For Choice and also Journal of American Women In Medicine or something like that -- both could be good resources.

Take care,

— Amy

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