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Dear Amy,

I am looking for the best book you can recommend on women's sexual health.

Even though I am 25 and recently married, I feel that I still do not understand everything about my own body, how it works, my reactions to things physically and sexually and just how everything works for a woman, especially one on the pill. I have thought about taking a class, but having recently obtained a M.A., I'm in enough debt that I can't afford to go back right now.

Do you have any suggestions? I would like to read some books, or check out some good websites.


Dear Rachel -

Though I broadly work on issues of women's health, I have had the same experience you are having. Last year when I was pregnant, I was just so shocked about the changes one's body goes through and more shocked how little I knew about it -- even as someone who feels like I keep up on it -- and also how little information there was out there for those of us who want to learn more.

There are several resources like Ask Alice and Our Bodies Ourselves and those are great because they are drawn from experts, but also anecdotal evidence. I think that one of the best things for me is to have conversations with other women and then you realize how different everyone bodies are and also how much you can learn about yourself by learning about others.

I hope that helps -- take care,

— Amy

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