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I am looking for a recommendation for good, readily available literature for a 9-year-old who has started menstruating but has not told her mother and adamantly refused to talk about the subject when brought up in the past. We don't know for sure if it is her maturity level or some other issue. She is bright and a good reader. Her mother is not a great candidate for "the talk" so her aunt will do it. Is there an Our Body Our Selves for adolescents possibly? Please let me know what you suggest. Thanks, Suzanne

There are several books coming out that include what you are talking about, unfortunately, what is actually out is limited.

Girls Speak Out by Andrea Johnston (an older women) includes the words of young women/girls talking about their experiences in the form of journal entry-type things. This is now available in bookstores.

A Girls Guide to Life by Catherine Dee is coming out in April, this is much the same as the above.

Also a health book geared toward adolescent girls/women by Linda Villarosa and Alison Abner will be coming out this spring. Linda is the editor of The Encyclopedia of Black Women's Health, which is excellent, so I'm sure this one will be, too.

Another source is New Moon Magazine---a magazine "for girls and their dreams"---which has had a few stories on this topic. This might be the best because it is "from one girl to the next." Good luck to you and to your nine-year-old friend--Amy

P.S. In response to the above Q&A, a visitor wrote in with a suggestion: "Here is a book on menstruation that both my daughter and I found indispensable: The Period Book, by Karen Gravelle (she writes the book with her niece, who is either a pre-teen, or just into her teens.) I hope other readers find this as valuable as we did."



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