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Hi, I'm interested in starting a club at my high school somewhat related to feminism and such, and was wondering if you would be able to suggest any way to go about that. I'm not for sure what exactly the club should encompass, other than discussions. Should I be affilitated with any larger group? I'm feeling a need for something to empower the girls at my school, and have some interest, and was just hoping you could provide me some guidance, or send me somewhere that would help me with this endeavor! Thank you - Lori

Every school is different and, therefore, it's hard to have one standard answer. I can, however, talk to you about what I have seen work in the past. Some schools have student activities committees and each new group has to be approved through this group. So if that's the case in your school that should be your first stop. Otherwise, you should just come up with a name ("Girlfriends"- or something like that) - and start meeting.

Also, in some schools you might need a faculty advisor - someone to report to, someone who will argue good things on your behalf, etc....There might be an obvious faculty member who you like, and get along with. There might be another one who is less obvious, but likely to be equally enthusiastic. So once you have those logistics in place, you can start organizing.

For your first meeting - you can just post flyers or hand them out - make sure to include a meeting time and a place - hopefully an empty classroom and a time just after classes end. If you are going to do it next year - maybe you can make an announcement in your first assembly or try to get an article in your schools newspaper if you have one. You can make this first meeting general - "Come learn about a new club/group! It will be a place to share, learn and thrive or to change your community. Whatever you want!". You should also make sure to come up with a second meeting time - the first Tuesday of every month or every Tuesday, whatever you think would be best. You need to give the group some structure, but you also need to make sure that there is enough room for people to feel like they can make it their club, too.

As for what to cover - similarly you need to raise issues that people might not come to on their own, but which they support, but you also have to leave room to express/explore new issues as they arise. As for what issues to cover, these should be issues that are closest to your fellow classmates. For instance, perhaps sexual assault or access to sports. I actually have some guidelines that I could send you about how to go about setting this up. If you send me your mailing address, I will go ahead and send them. I hope that helps and is enough incentive for you to continue to pursue your idea. I think it's great and I wish you good luck. Let me know if I can help.



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