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Hi - I would like some further assistance if possible... I need some creative ideas and activities to do with a class (all-girl) of fifth-graders to introduce them to the concepts of the White House Project and a woman as president. I have browsed many linked sites but have not come up with any real good activities that would be at the 10-11 year old level and that would relay the ideas of the white house project. I am aware of the Barbie for president and that might help somewhat, but I wanted to do an activity that would raise their awareness about why there has not been any women presidents and why they should look at their thinking to see where they may have absorbed some sexist messages. Please..any ideas? Thanks - Amanda

The work you are doing with your students on the White House Project is so important and I think exactly what they had hoped for their project. As for some activities, here are some of my random ideas:

  • Look at the past five-ten presidents and the qualities that have allowed them to be president - i.e. Ford was a football hero, Reagan an actor, etc... This will show the different paths that people have taken to get to the White House. This is a good counter to: well, are women qualified?
  • If you look at the White House as a Macrocosm of the family - look at what decisions need to be made in a family that reflect the decisions made by the president - i.e. budgets - how much to spend on groceries, prioritizing, decision-making etc....Therefore, if women are capable of this, aren't they capable of running the White House?
  • Have an election in your own classroom, but only the girls can run - this is a way of pointing out how absurd it is that only boys have been able to run.

How are those for starters? Good luck - and again, I think it's great that you are doing this.



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