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Hello, Recently, my best friend's daughter has become very interested in coloring. When I saw the pictures in her coloring books I became very dismayed. Boys were playing soccer and catching bugs and girls were having tea parties and putting on make up. Since then I have been looking all over the place for coloring books that portray girls in a more positive light and have not have any luck whatsoever! It's very sad and extremely disheartening that a book like this would be next to impossible to find. It's very important, I think, for our growing girls and boys alike to be weaned off these stereotypes.

Any assistance you could provide or ideas you have would be greatly appreciated!! Sincerely, Dana

Right before reading your email, I came across a "Feminist Coloring & Activity Book" sent to me. It was created in response to another coloring book that the authors had seen. This coloring book had a drawing with a caption "Every little girl would like to be a ballerina. Color the picture pink." They wanted to create a coloring book for all of those little girls who don't only want to be a ballerina or wear pink. Though I admire their efforts to put this book together, I don't think it's exactly what you had in mind-in fact it has a warning "recommended for big girls only" though they do indicate that they plan to come out with a version for young girls. If you're interested their address is: [email protected]. The creators are named Danielle and Megan.

Another source is the Educational Equity Concepts -an organization based in New York City (phone (212) 725-1803), which has worked on equality within the education system. They should also have something for you.



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