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Hi I'm 12 years old and my name is Cassie. I live in Georgia and just moved here from Illinois. I have always wanted to change materialism and feminism. I believe deeply that men, women, black, white, fat, thin, tall, short, 1, to 100 years old we all should be heard. That is one thing I struggle with - being heard and taken seriously.

I believe that just because I'm not old enough to vote I won't be listened to. I also believe that children are our most important resource and we have something to say. We are the ones that are going to rule the world, listen to us.

I'm writing to offer my help. Is there anything I can do to help? Perhaps start a young women's column? Thank you. Sincerely, Cassie

Thanks so much for your note to Feminist.com. I apologize for not writing sooner, but I am in the midst of co-writing a book--and have been buzy writing the last chapter, which is appropriately entitled "What is Activism." I saw "appropriately" because what you are doing/want to do is a perfect example of that. For instance, we are making that point one is never too young to be an activist, in fact, most social justice movements begin as youth movements. So looking to youth is truely looking to the future.

You are also an example of something that we are trying to say in our first Chapter, which is "What is Feminism"-and that is--that feminism is about breaking barriers that affect anyone--"men, women, black, white, fat, thin, tall, short, 1, to 100 years old."

Another very good point in your letter is that "just because I'm not old enough to vote I won't be listened to"--in fact, because you can't vote and other people can is all the more incentive for people to listen to you--for instance, so they can vote on behalf of those who can't yet vote. I always try to take that into consideration when I vote--for instance, I think of myself as voting for myself--and the majority--what's in the best insterest of the most people. So I will certainly be thinking of you when I go to vote this November 2nd.

As for what you can do...first where do you live in Georgia? I think starting locally is the best place to start -- and I happen to a know a few good things going on in the Georgia area, so depending on where you live I could put you in touch with those good deeds. Also, I love the idea of you writing a column for your local newspaper. The Boston Globe, which the biggest newspaper in the Boston area, has a "kids section" where they include lots of writing by kids. Perhaps you want to to write to your local paper and suggest that they do the same. Also, Feminist.com has a column called Remember the Ladies which focuses on a piece of women's history. I could put you in touch with the woman who does this column and maybe you could write one.

Let me know--and mostly just keep speaking your mind. That's the best anyone can do.



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