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Why do so many girls have lipstick and makeup? Why do girls have to be pretty and smile sugarsweet like helpless Barbie dolls? Arent they good as they are? - Jo

Thanks for your note. I certainly think that many girls are good as they are--and all girls will be good as they are as long as they are choosing who they are/want to be. The problem is that many girls try to live up to stereotypes of what girls are supposed to be rather than trying to figure out who they want to be. For instance, there is nothing wrong with some girls choosing to wear makeup and lipstick or trying to look like Barbie. The problem is when a girl feels like it isn't a choice and that this is the only way for her to be.

However, I don't think that the majority of girls and women are yet at the comfortable place of choosing and too many people are still presuming roles prescribed for them. It doesn't help that advertising and marketing are very strong forces and they want girls/women to buy lipstick and makeup, so they make us think that we have to in order to be a "real woman."

I think that things are much better than they use to be and girls are actually choosing to wear makeup in equal numbers to those choosing not to wear makeup. Let's hope this balance continues and this pattern of every girl figuring out who she is as a person regardless of what society tells her she should be.



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