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I have read through all of the questions and answers in the "Girls/Children" category and have found nothing on Step-mothers. I am also taking a feminist theory course at the University of Winniepg and have found no information on the subject of Step-moms. I was just wondering what the majority of feminists think of the idea of another woman raising their child(ren). There is a lot of theory and discussion about the role of mothers and fathers, but being a custodial step-mom myself I find I am out in the cold about where my actual place is in our home. Any resources you can direct me to would be helpful. Thanks, Bobbi

Thanks for your note. The reason that there is nothing on "step-mothers" under the "Girls/Children" category--is because I have never been asked about this subject. As you may not know, Ask Amy is a site driven by it's visitors, so now that you asked.....I don't think you have found anything such as "Feminists' view on step-moms"--because I don't think that such a thing exists. For starters feminism isn't a monolith, so it would be hard to come to some conclusion. However, if, as a feminist, I were to make a statement about "feminists' view on step-mothers," I would guess that feminism supports parenthood in all of its guises - single-parenting, adoption, two parents raising their biological child--you name it. Because feminism is essentially about "choice" and about having enough information to be able to make informed choices about our lives, being able to choose and embrace all different forms of parenting would be included in that. Also, I think that children's interests are often at the top of feminists' radars. Again, this could mean being raised by a step-mother or it could mean being an emancipated minor.


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