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Hello. My name is Brandon. I am doing a debate on why mothers make better parents. I request your help in doing this. All information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.

I don't know how much help I can be.....because I don't think that mothers make better parents. I agree that we have more examples of mothers being more involved with their children and therefore, maybe "better parents." I think that mothers and fathers are equally capable of being the "best" parents. It is this balance and equalizing of strengths and vulnerabilities that make parents better parents. To ensure that children grow up with this balanced self, they should have examples of what they can do and can be and these examples are just as likely to come from being a mother as from being a father.

My advice for your debate would be to think about all of the qualities which make one person the "better parent." Qualities like: spending time with their children; making sure they eat right and are healthy; sharing experiences with your child--like bike riding, camping, playing games; listening to your child and asking about their day....."what did you do today?" and likewise sharing "this is what I did."; belief in your child; honesty; ....and whatever else. I hope that this helps and good luck.



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