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I am looking for resources for professional women who are single parents. I am a professional woman and a single parent and I am planning to relocate to another city and to start a new job. However, I would like to make contacts with others such as myself. Can you help me with my request? Thank you.

Thanks for your note. As someone who was raised by a single mother, I can relate to the necessity of joining together to share experiences and potentially resources. When I was six (I'm now 27) my mother began meeting with her "women's groups" -- five of the seven women were single mothers. They met once a month to discuss things. It started as a "book group" and then it spiraled. Twenty-five years later, they are still meeting.

I don't know of any organization devoted solely to this purpose. However, what you are proposing is a consciousness-raising group of sorts. Today, these are often found in the guise of book clubs or cooking clubs or something along those lines. I'm not sure where you are moving, but I suggest that once you relocate, you contact the local chapter of NOW (The National Organization for Women). In different communities they are often a source for what "women friendly" groups there are in the area. Other places to try are local YWCA's and bookstores. The latter has become the center of activism in many communities.

It may also help to put up a note at work--or a gym or any place where you spend your time. If something like this doesn't already exist, I'm sure you'll find lots of others looking for this same network and exchange.



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