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Well, I find myself writing another e-mail and hopefully I will receive some kind of response. To put in in short form: husband of 12 years commits adultery with a woman from France. We have 2 children, ages 3 and 9. He was mentally abusive for many years and continues. I have relocated to another state and tried an Agreed Order for children to come back and forth. It was a joke and I am continually abused by both ex and the bimbo (she thinks she is their mother). I can't even mail a letter or card to my daughter, it somehow never makes it to her. We are in a custody battle and I am tired and running out of money. These are my children, not hers and he doesn't deserve to have them during the school year because he travels. Is it better for my 3-year-old to be with me at home or at daycare for 10 hours?

Anyway, it is obviously much more detailed, and I am tired. The bullshit just doesn't stop. I live in Ohio and jurisdiction is in Illinois. Please give me some kind of support or other cases for relocating children. Note: I am not out to keep children from their father, but it is in their best interest to go to school while living with me. I am the parent that would keep the visitations up-to-date. According to him, they don't need their mother... Please help me!!!

I'm sorry that you have apparently been getting the run around. I am--by no means--an expert on cases such as yours, therefore, I suggest that you contact those organizations who are designed to handle cases of custody, abuse, etc...

Here are two suggestions:

National Center for Protective Parents
Contact: Joan Pennington (609) 394-1506.

The Coalition for Family Justice
Contact: Monica Getz (914) 591-5753

Either of these organizations at a minimum should be able to put your in touch with local organizations doing similar work. Good luck.....and sorry!



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