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Help! I'm the director of a technology and math learning centre for kids/teens. Everyday, I watch in dismay as parents enroll their sons and not their daughters. "You've got ballet and piano honey, this is for your brother" is the general comment when a daughter expresses interest. Our programming classes are quite often all-male. I want to encourage parents to put their girls into math and technology, so I am designing a brochure on the "why girls should be encouraged" or "how your daughter could benefit" theme. Do you know of any on-line resources that I could quote about the importance of encouragement for girls in these areas? Thanks, Seana

Thanks for your note to Feminist.com--and your project sounds great--and obviously necessary. You might want to start by contacting the Ms. Foundation for Women - they have numerous statistics on girls and their development and also resources about how to change these grim statistics. You might want to also contact Girls Inc., who should have helpful information on this issue, as well as two other online resources encouraging girls and technology - Girl Games and Girl Tech.

There is also a book to be published in April---Girls Guide To Life by Catherine Dee. She lists many resources of this nature.

Good luck--and please let me know how your project develops.



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