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Dear Amy,

I'm 13 and go to a Catholic School. My school is extremely sexist, (this is really weird because my school is run by women). They will not let girls do anything from passing papers to picking up chairs. Me and the girls in my class are going insane!!! Please respond!!!

Charnai & class


Dear Charnai & Class,

Thanks for trying to change the situation at your school. I think that if you have a critical mass, you should be able to change the situation. I would suggest that you start by writing a letter to the school administrators saying that several of your classmates think that girls should be included in everything that boys are included in - maybe you want to list specific things like picking up chairs and passing papers. It's important to explain why this should change. Like it's unfair to the boys and the girls and if the school is preparing boys and girls for life after school, they should try to replicate an accurate version of what is going to be expected of them - like equal expectations of both boys and girls.

Once you have written the letter, you should circulate it to your classmates and ask them to sign it - boys and girls. My guess is that boys find these things unjust, too, since they are unfairly asked to take this responsibility on. Then submit this to your administrators. If that doesn't work I suggest that you try to get parents involved using the same tactics. Have them sign - maybe, teachers, too.

Good luck.



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