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I am a senior at Hollins University in VA and am doing my Women Studies internship during Janurary at an independant school here in Roanoke.  I am going to be implementing feminist ideas into the curricula with middle school students through forums and dialogue BUT I would like to read and know who the prevailing feminist theorists/writers are on adolescent feminism. 

Please help me locate or find a starting place to begin locating people who are writing and discussing this subject.  I have read Ophelia Speaks and Reviving Ophelia, any other suggestions? 

Thank you,



Dear Ashlea,

Your internship sounds great. Besides what you have mentioned there is also the following:

1.) Carol Gilligan, who wrote In A Different Voice, among other books about girls. Her work really sparked the women's movements attention on girls.

2.) Lyn Mikel Brown, who has done lots of work with Gilligan, is
also a source, especially her book Raising Their Voices: The Politics of Girls' Anger.

3.) Joan Brumberg, and her two books Fasting Girls and The Body Project.

4.) Judy Mann, The Difference: Growing Up Female in America.

There are also organizations like the Ms. Foundation for Women, Girls Inc, American Association of University Women, the National Council for Research on Women among others who have taken on the subject of "girls."

Good luck and enjoy,



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