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I am from Indiana and my friend is going through a divorce. Her husband filed, and the judge has given him custody. My friend has been a full time mom for the last 7 years. Their 6 1/2 year old son has autism and their daughter is 16 months old. It seems that she is being punished for being a housewife, and I am looking to find any information that could help.

She has a court appointed lawyer but I can't believe that this is happening, I was looking for advocacy groups for women that may be able to give me helpful information that could help her in this fight. I’ve never heard of a good mother losing her kids like this. Can you help- do you know any groups that are out there?

Heather from Indy



I'm sadly not shocked to learn about your friend's situation. According to great research done by Phyllis Chesler years ago, fathers are more likely to get custody, it's just that they rarely ask for it. When they do, judges perk up and think there must be a reason.

There is a great organization, Divorced From Justice, as well as a great book by the same name. They have a national network of sorts and they might be able to help your friend, at least they will be able to offer comfort, seeing how common situations like this are. Good that she has you to help and hopefully this group can lead you toward a more just scenario.

Good luck

- Amy