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Just recently two little girls were taken out of their homes and raped and killed by pedophiles. One of the rapists had pleaded sometime before he needed to be locked up or he might do something like what he did. It seems like every time I turn on the news I see a young girl or teenage girl is abducted and killed.

I really feel I am supposed to do something in my life to help change this.

Is there any kind of organization that really warns parents or is Involved in trying to change the laws for pedophiles.

Thank you so much.


Lindsay --

I share your depression. Sadly, I actually think that watching the news is the worse thing -- it capitalizes on fear and ignorance. I really don't think that the media is responsible in this reporting -- it's disproportionate and it's all about the problems, not the solution or the possible reason for the problem in the first place.

Blaming without being understanding of context. That said, I'm certain that there must be people in your neighborhood who probably share your concern and are perhaps doing something about it.

Specific to the issue of violences against women -- you might go to National Coalition Against Domestic Abuse or the Family Violence Prevention Fund to see what might be happening in your area already in terms of solutions. Thanks so much for expressing this and I'm confident that you aren't alone -- good luck doing something about it.

- Amy