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I have an ex husband that admitted to fondling my daughter (his step daughter) for a couple of years to a GAL in Mass.

Now after 5 years of being divorced he now is asking for custody of our two children.

He states that these are all lies about his fondling his step daughter and having to go to sexual offenders course, even though there is court documentation that he did these things.

How can a court even make us go through this whole thing all over again? Is this something that I need to fear?

What do you think?

Please help.



Dear Holle,

Sadly there is always room to worry, only because it all comes down to different judges and how well they are versed on these issues. Some are just outdated and resistant to understanding that nuclear families or biological families aren't in every child's best interest.

That said however MA is rumored to be one of the better/more progressive states and given that this was already presented in a court, judges tend to side with their colleagues rather than override them and so there are more things on your side than against them.

What's most important is that it's argued from the perspective of the children's best interest. That's what matters most.

Good luck,

- Amy