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I would like to know if you can either help me or direct me as to who to talk to, where to go.

My daughter has played football for the past 2 years. She is 10. I was just told that tomorrow they are going to cut her from the team. She is the only girl to play for the team in the past 20 years. They're cutting her because she is a girl.

There is more to say on this but, I would just like to know who I can ask for help from, in order to stop this from happening.

Thank you,



Susan --

Thanks for reaching out to Feminist.com. Legally, I bet there is very little you can do. School systems are required to support equal opportunities, not necessarily the same ones. For instance, a counter argument might be that she has to play on the boys team until there is a girls team, but they are only required to provide the same number of opportunities, not necessarily the same. Of course, there are city and state laws which might be more comprehensive than the federal. And certainly you can raise awareness in other ways.

First, I think you have to get a clear reason about why she is being cut -- can she literally not handle it or are they presuming that she can't? I think this reason is key to understanding how to formulate a response. And certainly there are two issues at stake -- one is changing their backwards thinking and the other is protecting your daughter. It will be interesting to see how she interprets this.

I hope that helps,

- Amy