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I have a teenage niece in Lexington, Kentucky that attends advanced classes in school, writes verse, and paints. Her opportunity for achievement is limited only by her personal goals, which are being established an environment with few high achieving women for role models. She is typical of tens of thousands of girls from ages 8 to 18 in America; her ambitions are not being encouraged by her immediate environment. She has no personal contact with women who have achieved success in business, the professions, or politics. There is a need for an institution, forum or series of events that encourages young girls to listen to and talk with women of achievement. A state or regional series of conferences that provides a forum for interaction could be put together with corporate sponsors and volunteers. It could be promoted as a women's' leadership conference series or perhaps a young women's horizons-type function.

I think corporations would see the public relations/public image/marketing/recruiting advantages and women who have managed to accomplish would be willing to donate some of their time. In fact, there are many women of attainment who would like to have a forum that would allow them to contribute.

There are many young women who have the capability to do great things, but their ambitions wither in local environments where they are not encouraged to develop challenging personal objectives.

I would be interested in the perspective of a group whose mission seems be compatible with this type of project.



Jerry --

Certainly such resources already exist. I am not that familiar with the resources in Lexington, Kentucky, but I know that there is a Women's Fund/Foundation in Kentucky (you can learn more through the Women's Funding Network) and they are certainly networking such groups throughout your region.

There are also national programs such as Girls, Inc. and Girl Scouts, which hosts such programs -- as well as the local universities, which certainly have a women's center and other areas for women's programming.

I would also inquire through the local library, YWCA, bookstores, etc... in other towns/cities, these places routinely provide workshops/lectures, etc.... some of which might be appropriate.

Good luck,

- Amy