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I am a father of two really wonderful daughters that my wife and I have successfully raised to be outspoken and independent young women. We always made certain to focus on their self-esteem as a defining element of their confidence and character.

I am very concerned now though for my granddaughters (two also) — as I constantly see and hear the most disagreeable movies/television and popular music demeaning women by use of vernacular expressions like "Bitch and Ho" and the portrayals of women in a completely sexual and demeaning subservient role. 

I am concerned not only that my grandchildren see/hear this sort of thing but that it is both condoned and encouraged! I see very little outrage from national organizations with the clout to make a difference on something like this. Why is there not more support against this sort of thing and furthermore what is you organization doing to effect change on this issue?


As the mother of two young sons, I totally share you concern. I live in New York City and in a neighborhood that is in transition and what I feel that I can't even leave my windows open for what they might hear outside. Of course, that's a more paranoid reaction. But I want to emphasize that it's not just the media or in the moves, but we are as guilty of perpetuating it. (We as in seemingly innocent individuals.)

I think we have a tendency to put the blame onto others without looking at how individuals need to change as much as institutions. And that goes for solutions, too — we can look for more local and community responses. And also better ways to education children on what's appropriate for them might not be appropriate for others. I would also suggest places like Girls, Inc., The Girl Scouts and Children's Defense Fund — I'm guessing that they might have some suggestions. As a comfort I am confident that what you do and say has far more influence over them.