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I'm fourteen years old and I was wondering if you think that as more women go into the workplace that there will be more equality for women? Also do you think that violence against women will decrease as more and more women gain power?


I certainly think it's important that women enter the workforce in greater numbers and that will bolster their autonomy because with that "job" comes economic independence and also a support network as well as recognition.

That said, I think that women gaining full and equal access to the workforce will be indirectly threatening to men—or at least to how society has traditionally been organized (i.e., men being breadwinners and women being responsible for the home) and that will likely bring frustrations and challenges unimaginable. And sadly, I think that the more women gain power without also working on redefining power for men, the more violence will continue.

Violence is often entirely about power — preserving it, ensuring it, etc. Thus, if men feel their power is being diminished or taken away from them, they are likely to reinforce that using extremes such as violence.