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I recently came upon an article that younger girls at the age of 3 to 10 are being more exposed to wearing makeup. In the article, it stated that younger girls are hitting puberty than their grandmothers did and are more likely to have unprotected sex. My question is: At what age do you think a girl should start wearing makeup and acknowledge their sexuality?


I have two little boys and I do note that most of their female friends wear makeup — and based on that I would say that it's not make up that's bad, but how people expect it of girls or what they expect of girls who wear it. Makeup can be fun, but when it becomes an expectation that takes the fun out it and puts on the expectations — i.e., that they become decorations and that they become pretty. And of course all of this can happen at any age — so I don't think there is an ideal age, but whatever the age is that there is some conversation about what make up can/should mean and also that it doesn't discount the other aspects of you. It should be a choice, not a must.