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As a college student I did a final project that consisted of taking a video camera and asked fellow students if they thought women were oppressed. Most men responded no, and stated all the freedoms and rights we have gained over the years. How can you explain to them the importance of what we're still fighting for? Shelly

To explain to the men at your school that women and men are still not equal--you should ask them to pick up any newspaper. Specifically, you should ask them to look around their own lives. (This self-examination often has the biggest impact.) For instance, do their parents make the same amount? Do girls' sports teams get the same amount of funding as boys' sports teams? Are fraternities better funded than the sororities? Are boys scared to walk alone at night? Are girls? How much Do the male faculty make compared to the female faculty? How about the 9 female U.S. Senators compared to 91 male U.S. Senators?

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