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I'm very much interested in issues about feminism. I don't have a specific term. Let me explain briefly. I've read some articles about women's self-image being not good as they think they are not slim and beautiful enough. I'd like to do a project on this issue. Are women socialized to have this value that they have to be beautiful and slim or are there any other reasons to explain why a lot of women are "willing" to spend a lot of time and money buying cosmetics and clothes, going to fitness centre, and so on. It seems that they are not forced to do so. Would you please suggest some websites or articles or any other information about this topic or issue? Thank you very much! Yours faithfully, Queenie

To learn more about feminism, I suggest that you spend some time looking around here at FEMINIST.COM. To learn specifically about women's self-image and low self-esteem, I suggest that you reference the following two books:

1.) Gloria Steinem's Revolution From Within (Little, Brown & Co.)
2.) Naomi Wolf's The Beauty Myth

These will help to answer your questions--and they only begin to skim the surface. The FEMINIST.COM Bookstore will have further suggestions, too


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