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I am an eighth grade student who is trying to write a speech on women rights. I was searching the net for information, but it was difficult to know what kinds of problems today's women were facing and what we have to fight for. It would be a great help if you could tell me the problems that feminists are fighting against. Thank you. Sincerely, Jung

Thanks for your note to Feminist.com. Some of the problems that feminists are fighting for are:

1.) Equal pay for work of equal value. For instance, why is it that a profession such as child care is a "lower-wage" job when compared to an occupation such as "parking lot attendant". The former is primarily a female workforce and the latter male.

2.) Reproductive Freedom. Women do have some reproductive freedom, but not those who live in rurual communities, who are anything less than middle-class and who are young and, therefore, often made to feel ashamed of their choices.

3.) A National system of health care and child care -- both of which women (and everyone) will benefit from.

4.) Job discrimination -- see the Work/Career section here at Ask Amy for examples of how rampant that is.

For other ideas, think of your own life. What have you been denied or your mother? In school do you have equal access to sports; do you learn about your history as a woman in your classes?

I hope this helps - and I hope this helps to show your classmates that feminism is something that they should know about. It is only meant to better your life.


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