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I am doing a project for a women's study class at Portland Community College in Portland Oregon. I have chosen to do my project on women who have made accomplishments in a "man's" place. I want to focus on the positive things women have done rather than anorexia or being an abused wife, which I was. Can you direct me where to find this info? Your help is most appreicated. -Ruth

To find "women who have made accomplishments in a man's place -- you can take two tracks -- one you can look in your own community at "women who made a difference." For instance, in Portland, there is the former Congresswoman Elizabeth Furse. There is also the Portland Contemporary Arts Group--and the dynamic young women who started it.

The other track is to go broader. For instance, Jane Magazine recently did a story on the women who were trained with John Glenn--but didn't get the recognition or respect he did. Then there was Sally Ride, who did get to space. There are other women such as Linda Wachner who heads up Warnaco, and Ellen Fudder who is the president of the Museum of Natural History in New York. (She is the first woman to head a major museum.) In a similar vein there is Nannerl O. Keohane. She used to be the president of Wellesley College and is now the President of Duke. (The first woman to head a major college--that was not an all women's college.)


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