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Hello my name is Jonathan and I'm attempting to do an essay on the issue of How Liberal Feminists View Pay Equity .... I'm having an awful time, I can't find any info that links liberal feminism and pay equity...

I found info about pay equity and info on liberal feminism but nothing that links the two concepts... Please, if you could be so kind as to send me as much info as you have I would be deeply grateful. Thank you.

One of the problems you may have in locating a connection between "liberal feminist" and "pay equity" is that there is confusion about what a "liberal feminist" is. ("Pay equity" is also confusing--the feminist argument is no longer "equal pay," but "equal pay for work of equal value." According to the The Reader's Companion to U.S. Women's History (edited by Wilma Mankiller, Gwendolyn Mink, Maryssa Navarro, Barbara Smith, and Gloria Steinem) here are a few definitions:

--"the idea that the state has a responsibility for ensuring the social welfare of its people, as in the New Deal or the Great Society."
--"Liberalism is a theory about individual rights, freedom, choice, and privacy.....This new notion of individualism developed with the rise of capitalism and the bourgeouis revolution and it was exclusive to white, property-owning men."
--"Liberalism is more a theory about freedom of the individual than it is a theory about equality."

I think this should be enough for you to start deducing, but you should also read more in the above mentioned book. Especially given the latter, I might conclude that "liberal feminists" wouldn't put "pay equity" at the top of their agenda.


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