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I'm currently working on a term paper relating how the exclusion of women from combat correlates to their inability to achieve high ranking positions in national security, specifically in the State Department. I plan on using three feminist perspectives - liberal, radical, and post-modern - to help and try to reason why this may be, and possible solutions to this problem. I was curious if you knew of any good resources regarding this issue. Thanks, Jen

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM. The best person I have heard/read speak out on women in combat (which sounds like the beginning piece of your paper) is Cynthia Enloe, who is a professor of government at Clark University. (This is located somewhere in MA, so hopefully you can reach her c/o the University.) She has written a few articles on this topic for Ms. Magazine (which you can probably access through a news search.) Also, I suggest that you contact the State Department directly--specifically their women's rights division, which Theresa Loar is the senior coordinator of. I was actually there yesterday for a presentation and know that women's issues and women in leadership are a clear priority for them.

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