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I was assigned to write a research paper and I must prove that, although women were give more rights and more freedom, some of their respect and privileges have been taken away. I can't seem to find any support to back up this idea. If you are able to help me in any way, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you, Sayard

Thank you for your note to FEMINIST.COM. Women's rights have progressed over the past 100 years. We now have the right to vote, divorce, inherit and earn money, etc.... We also have names for things that had previously been called "life." This includes sexual harassment, domestic violence, date rape, pay inequity and even sexism. In many instances we also have laws to back us up on these. What we don't entirely have--is a changed consciousness. Also, we have anti-women women who are blurring the lines and who make it harder to identify and fight against our enemies.

Where we have taken steps back in terms of specific issues is in the workplace. While we have some women breaking the class ceiling, we have more women in low-wage and inadequate jobs. While we have terms like domestic violence and laws to boot, we still have as many that are beaten. Around abortion, we have "legal" abortion, but have more restrictions that are pushing women into the back alleys because of restrictions like parental consent, Medicaid restrictions, prohibiting federal employees from having an abortion and women serving in the military. So while we have taken steps forward--this has mostly benefit white, middle-class women. I hope that helps -- good luck with your report.


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