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Is it possible for me to be both a Catholic Christian and a feminist? I believe very much in the rights of all people, regardless of sex, gender, race, etc. However, I still believe everything the Church teaches on morality -- ban on contraceptives, ban on homosexual practices, etc. This brings me to the core of my question -- Can I be personally opposed to contraceptives, etc. and still consider myself a feminist? I am very much opposed to the sexual, physical, and emotional abuse of anyone. My sisters were both molested by my father, and I think it hurts me just as much as it did them. I hate rape!! I hate violence!! I guess I'm not REALLY a feminist -- I think I'll call myself an Equalist! Please let me know if this works. God bless! - Rob

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM--and although I do not hold the power to determine who is and isn't a feminist--I do in fact think that you are a feminist. Although you don't personally believe in birth control, I'm assuming that you would not prevent others--Catholics and non-Catholics alike--from deciding for themselves whether to use and/or believe in birth control. If this assumption is right, than I think you should feel comfortable about being a feminist. Being a feminist is about making choices about our lives. Your choice is to not use birth control, where other people may in fact choose to take birth control. You should contact an organization Catholics for a Free Choice--as an organizations by/for/about Catholics, they deal with this issue on a daily basis. You can reach them at: (202) 986-6093 or E-mail [email protected]

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